Sunday, April 30, 2006

Audio Arts Project

Our first assignment for Audio Arts was to do a short recording using one of the microphone techniques we had discussed during last term. I chose to record the piano using the Mid-Side technique, a technique that I had not experimented before.

In short the Mid-Side technique uses two microphones of the same type, in my case the Neumann U87. The first microphone is set to the figure 8 polar pattern. The microphone is then placed inside the piano near the soundboard approximately half way down the piano close to the side. The hotter side of the figure 8 pattern is facing towards the bass. The second microphone is set to omni and placed upside-down above the first microphone.

Music education student Damian West was recorded playing the piano. After a few takes the piece titled Bygone Days by Eileen Ivers, was recorded.

Overall I was happy with the stereo image of the recording however I felt it lacked some hi frequencies. I feel that getting over a cold may have affected my hearing to some extent. I also found that when the pedal released the padding from the strings of the piano it created a light strumming noise that was very obvious in the recording. Damian realised he had to take notice of his pedaling technique to minimise this problem.


At 12:07 AM, Blogger Tyrell Blackburn said...

mmmm, that's really nice playing. I must congradulate Damian West when I see him.

At 12:30 AM, Blogger Tyrell Blackburn said...

Ah, Damian just informed me that this particular piece was played by someone else. Well nice playing anyway


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