Monday, June 12, 2006

End of Semester

Well this is supposed to wrap up the weekly blog entries for the semester so I will be commenting on the course as a whole. It has taken me a bit to get into the whole blogging concept although I think it is a good inclusion to the course. I particularly enjoy reading my classmates thoughts about the weeks lessons. Having the blog due on the Mondays, the same day as our Perspectives class has made it difficult though (particularly with Super Collider) which has lead me to fall behind.

Audio Arts has been really good this semester, I have found David’s lessons to be interesting although at times a little wayward although this is to be expected for someone with no formal teaching experience. It is good to hear about the industry from someone in it rather than looking from academia, no offence to Christian. I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s Audio Arts projects. I recorded for my project the other day, it was hard work (as is expected) and it would’ve been nice to have an extra hand particularly with sound checks. I took some photos too which I will post up with the mp3’s later. I was really impressed with the band particularly as they played all original works. We also went to David’s studio, Fat Traxx during the week.

All semester David has been saying how good his control room is for monitoring and he wasn’t wrong! Comparing the reflectiveness of David’s control room to Studio 1 is like comparing a G5 to an early Pentium computer and the lengths David went to soundproofing was enormous but worth it particularly with the V8’s on near by every year.

Creative Computing has been a steep learning curve. I have found Super Collider bloody hard to get my head around, maybe because my mind is still in min:sec mode rather than code mode. As mentioned earlier, having the SC homework due the same day as Perspectives caused troubles straightaway particularly on weeks with heavy Perspectives readings. I will endeavour to get some more code up soon although it finding time is always a problem.

Workshop I feel has been a waste of an hour and of blogging time. I am still wondering what the exact point of this class was. I would’ve preferred to have an extra 30 minutes for audio arts and creative computing as these classes always run short of time. This was a main issue I still feel hasn’t been resolved that we raised with the Dean back at the end of 2004. In saying this I have still enjoyed parts of Workshop and have been exposed to some great music so the whole hour hasn’t been a waste of time. I especially enjoyed Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint and Different Trains from this week’s class.

There was no forum this week as there were none to catch up on however I have really enjoyed Forum this semester, especially having the guest presenters such as Robin Minard during festival time. I feel it has been a great addition to the course and I’m looking forward to next semester.


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