Thursday, November 16, 2006

Audio Arts – Major Project

Finally here is an update on my major project. This semester has been up and down for Audio Arts, my original animation partner seemed to be struggling so much that I had to find a new partner. I later found out that my previous partner had come into the course partway through the year and was quite behind in her knowledge of the software, these details may have been more useful sooner! So I joined my new partner Lyn who has very limited English which has made things interesting. Her animation is about the life of this lantern which she spelt lanten! I have really enjoyed doing this project. I have completed a rough stereo mix for her as she had to present on Wednesday. She was really happy and apparently her lecturer said it was good too. I now just have to tidy up the music and do my 5.1 mix and then I will be done. I will probably look to put the final stereo mix up on YouTube as well so stay tuned for that.

I've been having issues exporting my final stereo mix from ProTools so I have uploaded my stereo mix I gave Lyn on Wednesday for her presentation.


At 1:00 AM, Blogger Tyrell Blackburn said...

I really love your movie Tim. It's good how you chose to just use a single solo instrument throughout as opposed to many layers. It gives it that serene and innocent kind of feel.

The only thing is that the SFX seemed to be slightly 500-1000ms delayed from the on screen action. I'm not sure if this was your intention or if it's just a by-product of using You Tube.

In any case, good job!


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